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We are about embracing change to produce a positive, uplifting and exhilarating experience. We support your transition through the ‘renewal of one’s mind‘… challenging you to undertake a considered journey from one stage of development to another. We care!

Your transition is about the psychological process of discovering your purpose and implementing the behaviours required to make that purpose a reality.  It is about undertaking the preparation necessary to position you for your next phase of development. It is about being in control of your destiny so that you are in a position to respond to the environment around you.

Having spent a number of years overseeing the implementation of education and professional development projects,  and having responsibility for staff development, I felt drawn to focus on career management in its broadest sense.  

renewal…  purpose…  positioning

My passion is about helping you to use your skills, talents and abilities to produce something beautiful – a bit like producing a tapestry – the material is there, all we have to do is weave it into a beautiful picture like only each of us can!

So, whether you are thinking of your ‘internal career’, i.e. your view of the work you feel called to do or your ‘external’ career, i.e.  the steps required to progress in a job or organisation,  my aim is to support you on your journey.

By providing career development and training services, we help you to make your transitions a positive and fulfilling experience.


Career Coach

Transitions Career Management and Training

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